Pinnacle New fleet Projection Up

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Pinnacle Airlines announces a Tentative Agreement between Pinnacle Pilots Leaders and Pinnacle airlines.

Pinnacle announcement

In the agreement new fleet forecasts were given. All of the 40 CRJ 900’s recently announced by Delta will go to Pinnacle airlines. This will bring their CRJ 900 fleet up to 81 aircraft.

It should be noted Pinnacle will still lose the 16 CRJ 900 originally based in ATL. The reduction in those 900’s should occur by late spring early summer 2013.

In return all of the CRJ 200’s at Pinnacle will be retired. The CRJ 900’s will start arriving at the end of 2013 and should be on the property by the end of 2014.

The CRJ 200’s will be removed over 2013-2015. All of the Pinnacle CRJ 200’s are anticipated to go with this deal, as part of Delta Mainlines regional restructuring.

This will be a drastic reduction, with 142 aircraft being lost and only 40 aircraft being received. Not including the loss of the 16 CRJ 900’s. Total fleet numbers will go from almost 200 aircraft down to 81 aircraft on the property.

Pilot projections have been updated on the Pinnacle Airlines Pilot Demand page.

With this drastic of a reduction at first glance it is possible that even pilots in the top 50% of Seniority might see furlough. The threat of downgrade is very real for existing Captains, but also potential furlough. However with enough pilots jumping ship, that might stem some of the furlough. The number of pilots that will leave early is impossible to calculate, so industry standard attrition is still applied in the hiring model on the Pinnacle Airline Pilot Demand page.

If a Delta Flow Through agreement is reached pilots will not see flow through until after the bulk of the downsizing when Delta should start hiring in late 2014.


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