Virgin America Aircraft Image for Pilot Demand

By Afresh1 of Flickr

Virgin America Pilot Demand was drastically slowed by the announced delay of Airbus A320 and Airbus A320 Neo orders. Instead of expecting an additional 30 of the standard A320 aircraft, they have changed the order to only 10 to be delivered over 2014-2015. In addition, instead of expecting the 30 Airbus A320 NEO’s to be delivered in the last half of this decade they have been delayed till 2020.

The new numbers are reflected on our Virgin America Pilot Demand Projection Page .

With the current computer models this website uses, the reduction in Virgin Pilot hiring is taken into consideration immediately for the rest of the Regional model. For those learning about the website the Regional hiring model is built off of projected fleet growth and a percent attrition to the Destination/Mainline carriers. A reduction in total pilot demand for the Destination carriers is immediately translated into a reduction of attrition from Regional carriers to those Destination carriers.

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