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Continuing with the tradition of applicable and customized informational tools for Aviators at Audries Aircraft Analysis, the site introduces a Financial Retirement Calculator customized for Pilots. Most retirement calculators seem to be meant for finance majors, and at least to this author are not sufficiently intuitive. In addition to other online calculators excessive simplicity or complexity, the calculator aims to have the right combination of options best suited for Aviators.

With this calculator you’ll have options to calculate standard 401k’s, Roth plans, IRA’s , A and B funds. The calculator also allows Social Security annual distributions to be incorporated. I hope to have C funds up as a possibility in the future. The following are a few other features the site hopes you enjoy.

  • Customizable Pay Schedules allowing you to incorporate your companies contract raises, or anticipated hiring at another company.
  • Average Pay Schedules that allow you to select a cost of living wage increase.
  • “After Retirement” distribution breakdown’s based upon Total investment, monthly payout, monthly payout after tax’s and monthly payout after inflation adjustments.
  • Web App – One of the coolest features about the page is it will remain fully functional even if not connected to the internet. Just visit the page and save it, and it will be usable with any internet browser even offline.


As always with any of the tools in this website, please feel free to comment and send feedback regarding additional modifications that would make these tools more helpful to you. @ audriesaircraftanalysis at Gmail

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