For those who have been closely interested in the Airline Pilot Hiring Demand numbers provided by this site, things have just gotten better. The site has gotten a lot of email regarding how the fleet projections have been broken down for the next 8 years, ie (what airplanes are suppose to be coming and when, as well as what airplanes are projected to be retired each year).

So for those interested in the “nuts and bolts” behind the fleet numbers for each year, this is for you. Those not interested in participating can still follow the pages, but cannot edit them.

Using GOOGLE Drive spreadsheets that have been embedded into some of our webpages, the Site is providing a place where people interested in the fleet projection numbers can collaborate to come up with the most accurate fleet projections possible.

It also allows an easy way for the users of this site to upload more accurate and timely updates with regards to the Total Numbers of Pilots at an airline, the number of each type of aircraft on the property, and the number of furloughs on the property.

The Airlines that have this functionality are currently – more soon to come

The data on these Supporting Spreadsheets provides the foundation of the computer model that uses them to project hiring demand amongst each airline. For those interested in being authorized to help participate with the collaboration on these pages please email at audriesaircraftanalysis at Gmail .

As a side note: The strength in this system is not the complexity of the math the computer does for each airline but that it can update the pages quickly and automatically for any minor change in these supporting numbers. Where the computer program really becomes useful is in the comparison pages where it can run these numbers for all of the airlines in a split second. Additionally this process of determining total Major demand is fundamental to the ability to project Regional Hiring demand.

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