The Regional Upgrade Calculator allows prospective pilots and current FO’s to determine based upon each individual airlines hiring profile in the Total industry hiring model, how long they can expect until upgrade opportunity/50% seniority arrives. You will find this calculator at the bottom of each Regional Page.

Its important to note that upgrade may occur before 50% seniority due to First Officers delaying upgrade for Quality of Life reasons. However as a benchmark of when an average upgrade will occur 50% seems to be the sweet spot.

A quick recap of the Regional hiring model, it applies two factors to determine pilot demand for each year.

  1. Total Fleet Growth or Reduction due to aircraft orders or contract expiration.
  2. Pilot Attrition- Because Retirements are marginal, the % attrition to the majors built off the total industry model drives the Attrition.
The Calculator allows you to put in current seniority if you are already employed at a specific airline, or allows you to put in your estimated hire date. The calculator provides your specific upgrade projection year.
The following are some links to pages with the Upgrade Calculator for the Regionals.

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