Welcome to Audries Aircraft analysis, if you haven’t already noticed you can find not only description and general information on a variety of General Aviation aircraft, but also “analytic” numbers that help you compare apples to apples, instead of only taking someones word for it, or relying soley on sales teams advice. Hopefully the spreadsheets and analytic numbers provided will help you be able to see through the smoke and mirrors, and provide a good place to go to analyze a particular model of aircraft. Expect to see further enhancements and updates on our site, all intended to bring some sanity back to the general aviation market place.
One of the first places you may find helpful on the blog/webstie is the “home” page title “Audries” it will provide the general outlay of each of the aircraft you’ll find listed on the “Aircraft Database” page. It will also provide helpful explanation for some of the more intricate numbers. Some of these more abstract numbers can also be some of the most insightful, for example MPG is self explanatory, but is MPG very helpful if it takes forever to get there? The F-T number provides a good foundation to compare aircraft based on MPG and Speed, to get a better feel of how a slow airplane compares with a fast one. Its really a measure of how well does this machine turn fuel into not just “distance” but “speed and time” as well. Anyway you’ll find further explanations on the home page.

Expect further exciting articles on the Blog section, about general aviation developments and aircraft analysis. Happy researching!

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